Presentations given during the public form

The first presentation, given by Dr. Douglas Toomey, outlined the purpose of the public forum and introduced panel members.

Presentation 1: Dr. Douglas Toomey – Welcome

The second presentation, given by Dr. Douglas Toomey, describes earthquake hazards in the Pacific Northwest (PNW), the monitoring of earthquakes using the PNW seismic network (PNSN), and the implementation of the west coast earthquake early warning system.

Presentation 2: Dr. Douglas Toomey – PNW Earthquakes: Hazards, Monitoring, and Early Warning

The third presentation, given by Dr. Chris Goldfinger, described how paleoseismology (the study of ancient earthquakes) is being used to provide a history of the Cascadian subduction zone that can help us understand the probability of a future large-magnitude Cascadia earthquake.

Presentation 3: Dr. Chris Goldfinger – Shaken Not Stirred: The Coming Great Cascadia Earthquake

The final presentation, given by Josh Bruce, detailed how a large-magnitude Cascadia earthquake can affect transportation, water lines, etc. Furthermore, Josh Bruce described what you can do in the short- and long-term to prepare for an earthquake.

Presentation 4: Josh Bruce – The Really Big One: A public forum on earthquake hazards and preparedness in the Pacific Northwest